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Engine Spare Parts Extremely Extensive

Engine Spare Parts The automobile engine is the engine which provides the power for the automobile, is the heart of the automobile, affects the automobile's power, economy and environmental protection. According to the different power sources, automobile engines can be divided into diesel engines, petrol engines, Engine Spare Parts electric vehicles and hybrid power.

Fatigue refers to the phenomenon that materials, parts and components produce local permanent damage at a certain point or point after cyclic loading, Engine Spare Parts forming cracks after a certain number of cycles, or causing cracks to extend further until complete rupture.

In engineering structure and mechanical equipment. The phenomenon of fatigue damage is very widespread. It spans every part of the movement. Because there is no obvious macroscopic plastic deformation, the damage is very sudden, which often causes catastrophic accidents and causes huge economic losses. Engine Spare Parts The methods of improving the fatigue resistance of components are the following:

The principle of material selection is: While satisfying the requirement of static strength, it should also have good anti-fatigue performance. In the past, one of the basic principles of static strength selection is to require high strength, but in fatigue design, we should select from the viewpoint of fatigue strength:

(1) When the stress value is reached, the fatigue limit of the material must meet the requirement.

(2) The sensitivity of the incision and the fatigue susceptibility of the material are small, and special attention should be paid to the effect of the alternating load.

(3) The crack propagation rate is slow, and the critical crack is larger, which requires that the fracture toughness value of the material is large.

(4) Note that the fiber direction and the main force direction of the rolling material and the forging material should be consistent.

(5) To pay attention to the corrosion resistance of materials, while minimizing the internal defects of materials, the important parts should be tested by flaw detection.

It is proved by practice that under the condition of low alternating stress, the fatigue crack is not easy to occur, even if the crack is produced, the expansion speed is slow. After a certain amount of time after the assembly is under low stress, the assembled components are gradually raised to the design stress level, Engine Spare Parts and these methods can improve the fatigue strength and the life of the components by adopting the cooling design. From the point of view of static strength, improving the stress level can reduce the weight and save the material; from the viewpoint of fatigue strength, Engine Spare Parts the fatigue life of the component can be improved by reducing the stress level. There is a contradiction between the two, which needs to be designed for specific situations.