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Cummins Engine Parts Good Development Prospects

Cummins Engine Parts With the increasing seriousness of urban environmental pollution and the increase of urban population, the frequency of public transport is speeding up, and low emission and low noise have become one of the main indices of public transport. Because the diesel engine has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, modern diesel engine will be the best configuration of automobile power. Under this background, Dongfeng Motor Co., the company focused on the development of urban public transport requirements of environmental-friendly diesel engine. Cummins B Diesel engine is the company of Dongfeng Company to introduce the technology, Cummins Engine Parts through digestion and absorption of independent production products, belonging to the "National High-tech Products Catalogue" in the new energy-saving, environmental-friendly internal combustion engine category, in emissions and noise control in the domestic medium-sized diesel engine leading level, Cummins Engine Parts other indicators are relatively advanced. The product was ranked top in the 1997 National Technical Supervision Bureau for the quality inspection of 8 kinds of truck diesel engines. Dongfeng Cummins Engine has a good development prospect.

Compares the diesel engine with the petrol engine. Diesel fuel efficiency can reach more than 40%, and gasoline combustion rate is generally only 30%; fuel consumption is generally lower than gasoline 30% 40%.

In terms of power, the diesel engine keeps its low-speed output torque at the same time, the speed has reached the level of the gasoline engine.

In terms of emissions, the Co emission of modern diesel engines is 15% 32% lower than that of gasoline engines, and greenhouse gas emissions are about 45%; In the past 20 years, particulate emissions from diesel vehicles have decreased by about 85%. The emission of NOx will be larger than that of diesel engine after traveling mileage reaches 300.14 million km, and the emissions will increase with the increase of mileage, Cummins Engine Parts and the emission of NOx in the diesel engine is very stable.

In the noise aspect, the current gasoline engine in this aspect is better than the diesel engine, but this problem through the technical improvement completely can solve, the Ford company developed Dtata diesel engine noise already completely can satisfy the European next stage to the passenger car traveling noise limit 70dB request.

At present, the proportion of the world's diesel engines is: light vehicle 40%; medium car 70%; heavy truck 100%. In the world, the total mass of more than 3.5t vehicles, Cummins Engine Parts more than 90% of the use of diesel engines. In Europe, the proportion of diesel sales to the auto market has widened from 14% per cent from 10 years ago to 27% today. In 2000, the market share of diesel-fuelled cars and light goods vehicles in the area has risen from 28% in 1998 to 33% and is expected to increase to 38% by 2005; More than 90% of its commercial vehicles are diesel vehicles. In Japan, diesel cars accounted for about 10% of the total, Cummins Engine Parts and diesel commercial vehicles accounted for about 40%. The experience of the U.S. PNGV program shows that the diesel engine is the best option for a period of time, and the U.S. heavy-duty vehicles have already achieved 100% of diesel.

Dongfeng Cummins B series Diesel Engine 1995 through the ISO9 002 Standard National Quality System certification, November 1999 through the QS9000 Quality system certification. The durability target achieves, 90% of the product 300,000 km does not overhaul, 50% of the product 500,000 km does not overhaul. Dongfeng Cummins B Series engine power coverage is broad, maximum power of 143kW, can maximize the power.

Dongfeng Cummins B-series engines meet European I emission regulations and European I emission regulations; October 1999 the product through the National Automotive Quality Supervision and Inspection center inspection.

Dongfeng Cummins B series Diesel engine, can start under 11,290, if install cold start auxiliary device, can start at 140 C °. The supercharger device can make it reach at the altitude of 3000m plateau area, the operation power does not decrease, its six-cylinder machine can tilt 35 ° in any direction, four cylinder machine can work under the inclined 45 ° condition.